Rob is a developer and consultant who found his way into running a web business. He got his start in software architecture and enterprise consulting and throughout his career has tackled issues of security, scalability, and performance. Today, he’s responsible for Sparkbox’s operations and financials, but he’s really in the business of making all of us better. His commitment to innovation and iteration (and his good humor) are present in all that we do.

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Rob Harr

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A second generation developer and software consultant who started learning to program at 12 years old. As Co-founder and Vice President of Sparkbox, he’s learned to run a web business. The most important and enjoyable part of the job is the human side of things- whether it’s helping a client solve a problem or talking through solutions with the great team at Sparkbox. Co-host of the Overly Human podcast.

As Vice President of Sparkbox Rob is responsible for the operations and financials of the company. With a background in software development, Rob is always ready to challenge the development process. On any given day Rob meets with prospective clients, works with employees, and continues to evolve the business of Sparkbox.